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Upcoming Seminars

21st to 22 nd June 2019

Biel (switzerland). Organizer Dr. Peter Zurlinden - E-mail: Peter.w.zurlinden@bluewin.ch

17th to 19th May 2019

Portland (USA) - Organizer - Brenda Siragusa. E-mail: brenda.a.siragusa@gmail.com

Recent Development in the Sankaran Method and Treatment of Cancer



"Dr. Sujit Chatterjee is a valued colleague and friend. He has been a member of our core group for more than three decades and his cases, provings and experiences are things we all learn from. I heartily recommend the seminar to all keen students and practitioners of homeopathy."
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, MD

"Sujit Chatterjee teaches with a calmness and quiet that belies the wonderful and startling wealth of information he presents in a clear and usable way. His seminar was quite special."
Kristin Kreiger (U.S.A)

"Sujit is a wonderful teacher. Don't let his mild manners, humble demeanor, and easy approachability fool you. He is a powerhouse of insight, skill, patient persistence in case-taking, and a fearless explorer of unknown realms. I have learned so much from him. His presentation on remedies from the realm of imponderabilia was unequaled. His proving of Uranium nitricum and exposition of the 7th Row were great. I will not miss his next seminar in Portand.""
Douglas Brown (U.S.A)

"Dr. Sujit Chatterjee has been a mentor, colleague and friend since 2005. He is a brilliant homeopath who is quite gifted in his ability apprehend the nuances of the deepest of cases. His teaching is thorough and insightful and his personality is a pleasure to work with. In his seminars Dr. Chatterjee simultaneously welcomes and inspires new students while challenging experienced homeopaths. His understanding and ability to convey his wisdom and experience is unparalleled. Our clinic has been sponsoring his annual seminar in Portland, Oregon since 2008."
- Rebecca Reese, M.D.

"Having attended seminars with many eminent homeopaths, I must say that Dr. Sujit is one of the best. A man of integrity and compassion, he always presents a really interesting mix of cases, which are taught clearly and systematically. His approach combines new homeopathic understanding with a wealth of experience from many years practice. I love his seminars!"
- Louisa Sparkle, UK

"We have been studying with Sujit Chatterjee for approximately 20 years. We enthusiastically recommend him as a teacher, without reservation. His clinical skills, his dedication to teaching are of the highest order, surpassed only by his sincerity and compassion as a human being. Through his participation in the evolution of the Mumbai group, his experience with multiple provings, his exploration of the best ways to support and treat cancer patients, as well as his insights into case taking and analysis, Sujit is, and continues to be, a valued and honored resource for us."
Stephen King and Sheryl Kipnis, Seattle, Washington, USA

"The thing that stood out for me was the way Sujit communicated with (live case) patient in the seminar. Sujit suggested to the patient 'tell me like you're telling a friend'. From that point the conversation flowed as if the two of them are having a friendly conversation over tea, and the nature of the patient came through in a comfortable, relaxed manner. Sujit came across a relaxed and compassionate interviewer."
- Varda Wilensky, Portland (USA) 2015 seminar.

"As always, the workshops were an excellent opportunity to learn the case taking technique and the procedure of prescribing various remedies for patients with diverse complaints and degrees of expression. We have enjoyed the short cases where Sujit would guide us through the relevant symptoms/words, leading to the miasm and the finally the remedy or a succession of remedies. This proved particularly helpful in cancer cases. As physicians we know that, sadly, the number of patients with neoplasms is growing and Sujit shows us how to help them to survive chemotherapy /radiotherapy or treat them only homoeopathically if need be."
- Gabriela Sniatala, President of Polish Homeopathic Association

'"Dr. Sujit Chatterjee 's seminars left an outstanding impression. I have never attended such a well and logically structured and intriguing seminar! Me, along with my colleagues, are thankful for the large amount of information which we received in the two days programme from d-r Chatterjee. He gave us precise practical directions regarding the treatment of complex cases of cancer, advices for managing patients after radio- and chemiotherapies, for using the LM potencies. He answered all our questions fully and precisely, backed his answers with cases of patients, that have been monitored for years. He demonstrated also many other techniques regarding the treatment of patients, what to look for, how to handle and evaluate it. His knowledge in the segment of MM are outstanding. I would like to attend other seminars with his participation."
- Dr. Nina Elenkova Papadopulu (Bulgaria),

Classical Homeopathy Diploma issued by
the International Academy for Homeopathy of Prof. Vithoulkas

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