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Testimonial 1

Hi Sujit

Here is the short paragraph on my Hairy Cell Leukemia patient
Patient is 60 yo female diagnosed with Hairly Cell Leukemia since 20 years. I had been treating her with Sensation Method which helped her in her energy and constitution very much but her cell counts never improved. Added Dr Banerji's protocol for Hairy Cell and the patient has responded remarkably.
This is an email she sent to me:
> great news. saw oncologist yesterday and wbc went up from
> 1.6 to 2.4, a big jump for me in just 6 weeks and only once
> has it been this high in four or so years. rbc from 3.37 to
> 3.54, hgb from 10.8 to 11.8 and platelets from 83 to 92.
> the only thing that went down, which is one of the things he
> looks at, is the neutrophils which went from 0.7 to 0.5, and
> he said he wasn't worried about it. hooray!! and this
> is only after about five weeks and i know you said this is a
> three-month protocol, so i expect even greater results as
> time goes on. i see him again in two months. they did take
> blood for the flow cytometry and they are going to run that
> anyway. i expect that still may show hairy cells as of this
> time.
> so bless you and let me know when you want to see me again.
> i will keep on the same protocol. thank you, thank you,
> thank you,
She is continuing to improve and the oncologist who was recommending chemo has now agreed she does not need it

Robert Gramlich MD Los Angeles USA

Testimonial 2

Dear Dr.Sujit Chatterjee,

I will give You a short feedback concerning the 5 years old child with the diagnosis of a brain tumour ( low grade glioma ). I started the homeopathic treatment one and a half year ago due to Your advice according Dr. Banerjee`s protocol from Calcutta. Mean-while the child is doing amazingly well; her general development is progressing , actually she is attending the normal nursary scool ; the central ataxia and the central facial paralysis are clearly regressed. The parents are very grateful to You and Dr Banerjee.


Peter Zurlinden MD, Switzerland

Testimonial 3

Hi , I am Tara . This is my expirience with Dr.Sujit Chatterjee

I was suffering from ulcerative colitis since 2008 May. I went to alopathy doctor for the treatmant. As there is no other treatment other than steroids I was given the same for four months. Though I had relife for few months it flared again. Again same medication same side effects . This time I landed up with gynaec problem also. My gynaec suggestd that I should try homeopathy medicine. As per my friend's advice I went to Dr.Chatterjee with open mind as this was my first expirience with a homeopath.In the the begining I did not understand the logic behind talking about the complete history of my life. But more I spoke to the doctor more I started feeling better. I started realising how much of unnecessary burden I was carrying in my mind. Dr.Chatterjee is one of the best counceller one could ever get. The beautiful Technics I learned to deal with myself and any situation has helped me a lot and is helping me in every walk of my life. I am off the steroids for four months.I am still under Dr. Chatterjee's treat ment. and I am out of my colitis as well as gynaec problem. Along with coucelling his medicines started working wonders with me. I have become healthier and a better person.God bless my doctor

Testimonial 4

"Our experience with Dr Sujit Chatterjee has been outstanding. My wife was diagnosed with Lung Cancer metastasis about 6 months back and we have been consulting Dr Sujit since then . His approach to handling the treatment has been always inclusive. At the outset he advised to proceed with the Allopathy treatment including Chemotherapy and Radiation and assured us that his treatment will not interfere with those and will be effective in parallel. This gave us confidence and the results have been outstanding so far. My wife could take the Chemo sessions well with limited side effects and her recent test results are encouraging and indicative that the deceased is now under well control. The doctors have now stopped Chemotherapy and started her with target drugs. Dr Sujit continues to treat her for overall recovery and we are all hoping to come out of this challenge.I found Dr Sujit to be very receptive, communicative, promising and yet realistic" - K J Paratwar, Mumbai

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